5 Reasons Why Gluten-Free is Healthy (that have nothing to do with gluten)



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There has been a lot of negativity towards gluten-free diets lately. We have seen tons of articles on how eating gluten-free isn’t any better for our health (unless you have Celiac’s disease). While it may be true that the gluten-free products themselves aren’t necessarily healthier, there are still reasons why going gluten-free can benefit your health. Here are 5 reasons why a gluten-free diet can be healthy, that has nothing to do with gluten itself.


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Are Grains Good For Your Health?


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It is not yet common knowledge that not everyone should be including grains in their diet. Grains are touted for all kinds of great things, but the truth is they may be doing more harm than good for many people. So are grains really healthy? Why might they be unhealthy? What about whole grains and gluten-free options? This article will address all these questions and more.

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