Thinking about writing a guest post for Nutrition is Medicine? I’d love to share your work! Here are some general guidelines to give you an idea of my expectations for guest posting:


1. Recipes

As this is a paleo blog, recipes must not contain grains or legumes. Dairy is OK but please include a paleo substitution option such as coconut milk instead of cream, olive oil instead of butter, etc. For more information on foods that are and are not paleo, check out this list. If you are writing an AIP recipe, please ensure it corresponds with this list.


2. Articles

If you are writing about dietary habits, please keep in mind that this blog is centered around the paleo diet (no grains, legumes, or dairy). While it’s completely fine to mention whole grains or legumes in your article, an entire article on “the health benefits of whole grains” is inappropriate. Please use your own discretion and keep your topic somewhat related to the paleo lifestyle.

If you are writing about lifestyle, I don’t really have any specific rules, but if you can relate it back to our ancestors (without forcing it) that’s always a bonus!


3. Health Statements

Please try to back up your statements with credible sources when possible. Credible sources include scientific studies and reviews. Please avoid the use of Wikipedia outside of definitions. Check out this post for more information on reliable vs. unreliable sources.

Example: “Walnuts can decrease your risk of developing CVD (source).”


4. Guest post must be unique 

The guest post cannot be posted anywhere else, and after the article is posted it also cannot be republished anywhere else. This is because it can cause issues with SEO due to duplicate content.


5. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are allowed but please include them in a way that looks natural and doesn’t make your article look like a giant ad.


6. Photos

If you have specific photos you would like to include with your article please include the proper credit and licensing on photos that do not belong to you. Please let me know which photos are yours and which ones aren’t so I can caption them accordingly.

If you are thinking about writing a guest post and the above guidelines seem reasonable to you, please don’t hesitate to email me so we can discuss it further!


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