Taking a Break

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am currently taking a break from consultations and writing articles, but am still more than happy to answer questions. I am taking a break because I am currently in school full-time.


I do not have a specific date that I will be back up and posting regularly, but when I do I will send out an email to my subscribers – so if you are interested in being notified of my return, you can subscribe here.


Thank you for all the support!





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How to Avoid Spreading False Information

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Today I want to talk about a very important issue in the nutrition industry; information validity. There is a massive amount of straight-up wrong nutrition information out there, which makes it important to ensure you are getting your information from credible sources! Not every article you read is going to be credible, in fact, the entire article could be completely inaccurate. The problem is that people don’t check to ensure the information is true before they start telling other people about it. Every single one of us has a responsibility to ensure our information is correct (or at least, has the potential to be correct) before we start sharing it with others!

Here are 4 ways we can avoid spreading false information.


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12 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally


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The great part about adopting a healthier lifestyle is most of the time you will lose weight without even trying. This is because carrying more than a few extra pounds of fat is actually a sign your body isn’t in its healthiest state; and the same goes for being underweight. General overeating can cause weight gain, however, it is usually more the type of food that is causing the weight problem. Starving yourself to lose weight only serves to stress your body further and generally leads to binge eating and other types of disordered eating. Healthy weight loss will help ensure that you keep the weight off that you have worked so hard to get rid of, and it also ensures that you lose the right kind of weight because generally you want to lose fat while maintaining or increasing muscle. As an added bonus; most of these tips can be applied to someone trying to gain weight naturally as well! These are my top 12 tips for losing weight naturally.


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