Chicken Avocado Salad

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This is a super easy salad to whip up using leftover chicken (turkey works too). I love to eat this salad for lunch! Avocado is full of tons of healthy fats and is highly satiating, which gives you the energy to work through the rest of your day. Eating this salad for lunch will help you avoid that post-lunch energy crash because it is high in protein and fat, while low in carbohydrates (a likely culprit of the crash). Romaine lettuce is also high in chromium, a natural blood sugar stabilizer!

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Mashed Cauliflower (A Mashed Potato Substitute)


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While white potatoes are not necessarily unhealthy, some of us need to avoid them due to their nightshade properties, high carbohydrate content, or for other health reasons. But fear not; you can make an excellent substitute for mashed potatoes using cauliflower, and its super simple! While cauliflower may not be the most obvious potato substitute, you will be surprised what a delicious and nutritious dish you can create with them.

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Creamy Garlic Dressing (Dairy and Nut-free)



This recipe is a great alternative to the same old oil-and-vinegar dressings. It uses raw sunflower seeds instead of cashews which makes it more allergy friendly (but not AIP). This recipe is both dairy and nut free. You can enjoy this dressing on salad, as a vegetable dip,  or any other creative ways you can think of; I’d love to hear how you’ve used this recipe in the comments!

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Chocolate Covered Bacon with Coconut Drizzle

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This recipe is brought to you by Vicky and Rami from Tasteaholics! If you love bacon and chocolate, you’re in for a real treat! Chocolate covered bacon is an unexpected combo and is super simple to make. Although a little odd-sounding, your guests will be surprised with this sweet and salty treat! The recipe uses a delicious chocolate coating and goes a step further with a coconut butter drizzle. We call these recipes quick bites, as they usually take up to 30 minutes to make but still pack a lot of flavour and fun.

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Jelly Chicken Bone Stock (Broth)

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Bone stock, also commonly referred to as bone broth, is a staple of most soup recipes, and is also highly nutritious. Its mineral and gelatin content make it great for hair, skin, nail, and joint health. Gelatin is also great for helping heal the gastrointestinal lining which can be damaged from pharmaceuticals, poor diet, bacterial imbalances, and parasites. Gelatin is what makes Jell-O and also bone stock gel. But not all bone stock will gel. Making a batch of bone stock that gels is an accomplishment! It means it is nice and concentrated, and you have done a great job of extracting the protein and minerals from the bones. This recipe will teach you how to make bone stock that gels every time!

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