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I am super excited to be reviewing products from Red Apple Lipstick today! I have wanted to review Red Apple Lipstick ever since I did my first make-up review on UltraPure Cosmetics. Similar to 100% Pure and UltraPure Cosmetics, Red Apple Lipstick is a company that sells non-toxic cosmetics. All Red Apple Lipstick products are free of petroleum byproducts, animal ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and GMOs. One thing that stands out about Red Apple Lipstick to me is the amount of color variety with their eye shadows and lipsticks; they have a lot more variety compared to other natural cosmetic companies I have seen. For this review I purchased 1 lipstick, 1 lip liner, 2 eye shadows, and 1 eye shadow primer. Read on to find out how I liked these products!


Watch me apply the cosmetics and talk about how I liked them in the video below. I didn’t have time to discuss the ingredients in detail in the video, but if you continue reading I have included ingredient breakdowns below.





The Eye Shadow


Colors: Golden Girl + Bronze Bombshell


Ingredient Breakdown


My Thoughts


Red Apple Lipstick’s eye shadows are very similar to the eye shadows from 100% Pure and UltraPure cosmetics, which means they have very clean ingredients! I have linked each of the ingredients to its SkinDeep database page in the ingredient breakdown above. The majority of the ingredients are rated a very low hazard, with a few ingredients rated moderate hazard. The colors I used were nice and vibrant and had a some sparkle to them as well. Red Apple Lipstick also has a really decent selection of eye shadow colors, so if you are looking for darker or more intense eye shadow colors definitely check them out!


The Verdict


My rating: 10/10

Great ingredients, colors, and quality. I would definitely buy more eye shadow from Red Apple Lipstick.




The Eye Primer


One color only


Ingredient Breakdown


My Thoughts


The primer felt really nice when I applied it. It is non-greasy and felt very soft. Although it is only one color, it is meant to be a base for eye shadow so I’m not sure if the color would really be an issue for people with darker skin tones. However, the color did match my own skin tone well. I always have problems with eye shadow creasing even after as little as an hour of wear, but the eye shadow I applied over top of the primer did not crease after a few hours of wear, so I was pretty happy with how this product worked.

I was a bit skeptical of the ingredients of this product because it contained a few chemicals I was not familiar with, but after researching them on SkinDeep I am happy to report they are all rated very low hazard with the exception of the phenoxyethanol. Some people choose to avoid cosmetics that contain phenoxyethanol, but due to the low toxicity of all the other ingredients in this product I am not especially bothered by this one ingredient. This primer is still much healthier to use than conventional products.


The Verdict


My rating: 8/10

I like this product and plan to keep using it, but some people may not like that it contains phenoxyethanol.




The Lipstick


Color: Rebel!


Ingredient Breakdown


My Thoughts


This lipstick felt amazing on my lips and I loved the color. It’s definitely not waterproof or meant to last all day though, so if you plan on eating or drinking with it you will need to re-apply it. The ingredients are all very low hazard, so you can feel good about wearing this lipstick daily. Red Apple Lipstick also has the best selection of lip shades that I have seen from any natural make up company, so if you are looking for more intense colors they are definitely the company for you.


The Verdict


My rating: 10/10

I’m very happy with the ingredients, the color, and how it works. It’s a fantastic product!




The Lip Liner


Color: Roseberry


Ingredient Breakdown


My Thoughts


This lip liner worked reasonably well but I didn’t find that it went on very smoothly when I was applying it. The color was nice and I liked the way it looked with the lipstick. It is also waterproof and didn’t seem to bleed with wear, so overall I was happy with how this product worked.

I was surprised to see soy lecithin on the ingredient list for this liner because Red Apple Lipstick says their products are soy-free on their main page. Personally I’m not bothered by having soy lecithin in my cosmetics, but many people choose to avoid soy products now. It wouldn’t have been difficult to use lecithin from another source such as sunflower lecithin to keep the product truly soy-free. All the other ingredients of this liner are rated very low hazard on SkinDeep. 

NOTE: After talking to a representative from Red Apple Lipstick, they clarified that all products are soy-free EXCEPT for their lip liners, but they hope to offer soy-free lip liner in the future.


The Verdict


My rating: 7/10

The product worked pretty well but didn’t go on very smoothly during application. It also contains soy lecithin which could be a deal-breaker for some people due to soy allergies or personal preferences.


Finished Look






IMG_1274 (3)


Final Thoughts


I was very happy with the way these products worked. In the review I did on 100% Pure Cosmetics, I mentioned that I felt they had sacrificed the quality of their products to make them as natural as possible. In contrast, I feel that Red Apple Lipstick has a nice balance between natural/non-toxic ingredients and quality of product. Their ingredients are not organic and some of their ingredients are synthetic, but almost all of their ingredients are rated a very low hazard (non-toxic) on SkinDeep. Even though Red Apple Lipstick’s products aren’t as natural as 100% Pure Cosmetics, they work better than 100% Pure, and are still much safer than conventional cosmetics.


These products were a bit costly, here is a breakdown of what each product cost:

  • Primer: 27 USD
  • Eye Shadow: 18.75 USD per color
  • Lipstick: 23.50 USD
  • Lip Liner: 22.90 USD

For how well these products worked, I think they are definitely worth their prices. If you wear make up on a daily basis you will be cutting out many toxic chemicals from your daily routine by switching to these products. Red Apple Lipstick also offers lots of deals on their products that will lower the overall cost. These deals include 20% off for first time buyers, eye shadows are buy 3 and get the 4th free, 6th eye shadow is half-off, and 9th eye shadow is also free, and they have similar deals when you buy multiple lipsticks as well. They also give free shipping on orders over $50 which is a pretty easy total to hit.


I hope this review helped you decide if you would like to try Red Apple Lipstick for yourself! I am very happy with the products I chose, and will definitely be buying from them again in the future.



Let me know what other natural make up companies you would like to see reviewed!


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  1. That lipstick looks stunning on you. Thank you for this indepth review, I’m definitely going to be ordering from this company now!

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