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I recently purchased a few basic products from UltraPure cosmetics to test them out. I chose UltaPure Cosmetics because their make up is free of toxic chemicals that are often used in conventional make up. These toxic chemicals include petrochemicals, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, talc, and dyes. The ingredients list for each of the products I purchased is very short, which is a good thing! The Environmental Working Group recommends you to choose cosmetics with a low number of ingredients, because this helps to reduce the chemical load on the body. But as great as it is to have healthy cosmetics, the point is defeated if they don’t work well! Read on to learn how these cosmetics worked for me.


Please note: I was not paid to promote these products, and I am not an affiliate of Ultrapure Cosmetics.


Watch me do my make up and review the products in the video below. I didn’t have time to go through the ingredients of the products in the video so I have outlined and discussed those in this post below.



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Pressed Perfection Powder Foundation


Color: neutral creme


Ingredient Breakdown


  • Mica – silicate minerals, rated low hazard by EWG
  • Serecite – a specific type of mica
  • Zinc – an essential trace element
  • Titanium – an element that has no function in the body, but is rated low hazard on EWG
  • L-Lysine – an essential amino acid
  • Jojoba oil – oil extracted from seeds of the jojoba plant



My Thoughts


You might notice that most foundations have an SPF rating. This is because both zinc and titanium contained in the cosmetics block UV rays. Cosmetics need the titanium and zinc as a whitener, thickener, lubricant. It just happens to be a bonus that they also work as sunscreen!

This pressed powder is best applied with a kabuki brush, which has to be purchased separately. In the video above I put the foundation on with the foam applicator that came with it, but a kabuki brush would have given lighter and more even coverage. The pressed powder was not as powdery as other compact foundations I have used, it is a bit more moist feeling. I found the coverage to be pretty decent for my skin; it covered all redness and even the few dark purple scars I have, it also felt light weight on my skin.

This make up cost about $40 for a compact disc. I used to buy special compact foundation from my dermatologist and it cost $80 for one compact disc. In addition, the ingredients for the make up my dermatologist recommended me still contained many parabens and other toxic ingredients. It is important to remember that “dermatologist recommended” make up does not necessarily mean it is free of harmful ingredients, it only means that it shouldn’t irritate your skin, but sometimes even that isn’t true. UltraPure Cosmetics compact foundation worked as well as my other mineral make ups, while cutting out a lot of harmful ingredients and maintaining a reasonable price.


The Verdict


My rating: 10/10

It works on par with conventional mineral make-ups I have used, and has non-toxic ingredients!


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Pressed Perfection Blush


Color: sun glaze


Ingredient Breakdown


Ingredient List: Mica, kaolin, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium carbonate, zinc stearate, jojoba oil esters, vitamin E (tocopherol), palm oil esters. Some of these ingredients were already discussed in previous section.


  • kaolin – a clay mineral, rated no hazard on EWG
  • magnesium carbonate – MgCO3 is a salt, rated no hazard on EWG
  • Palm oil esters – Esters extracted from organic, non-GMO palm



My Thoughts


I really like the color of this blush, it looks a lot more natural than my previous one! This blush worked as well as conventional ones I have used. It had very similar powder consistency, but was slightly more moist similar to the UltraPure foundation.

This compact blush cost $20, but it’s definitely worth it if you use blush regularly because you will be cutting out tons of harmful chemicals from your daily routine. Blush also lasts a long time so that makes it more cost effective as well.


The Verdict


My rating: 10/10

Color is perfect, consistency was great, and price was reasonable. 



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Pressed Perfection Custom Eye Shadow Trio


Colors: Diamond, Jet Black, and Coffee Bean


Ingredient Breakdown

Ingredient List: Mica, kaolin, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium carbonate, zinc stearate, jojoba oil esters, vitamin E (tocopherol), palm oil esters. The ingredients for the eye shadow is exactly the same as the blush, so these ingredients have already been broken down in the blush and foundation sections.



My Thoughts


These eye shadows were also very nice. I ordered neutral colors for a basic/everyday set. The colors are very nice and are decently intense which is good because I was worried they might not be very dark.

They smudge very nicely so its easy to get a smokey effect with them but they might smudge a little too easy in some cases. They also fade a bit throughout the day, which wasn’t a big issue for me, but if you are looking for dramatically intense eye shadows, these might not be for you. UltraPure has a decent selection of colors, but doesn’t really have any super vibrant colors. You can check out all their eye shadow colors here.

It cost me almost $50 for the 3 color compact, which is pretty expensive for eye shadow. However, if you use eye shadow on a daily basis it’s definitely worth it. Other natural make up companies such as Red Apple Lipstick and 100% Pure have even more expensive prices for their eye shadows, so UltraPure is actually the cheaper option!





My rating: 10/10

The eye shadow worked nicely and has nice ingredients.



If you are considering making the switch to a more natural make-up, I would definitely recommend UltraPure Cosmetics! I hope this review helped you decide if UltraPure is right for you.

If you are interested in more make-up reviews, check out my 100% cosmetics review here!




Have you tried UltraPure Cosmetics? What did you think?




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