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Today I am sharing my favourite recipes from around the web. I love the creativity that goes into paleo meals. All the recipes are grain-free and the second half are AIP. I tried to include a little of everything; meals, desserts, and snacks. Hope you discover something tasty!


Paleo Recipes


1. Creamy Tomato Chicken Soup by Everyday Paleo


This recipe is dead easy and tastes amazing. All you really need is some chicken and canned tomatoes!


2. Doukhobor Borscht  by The Life Nostalgic

I went through a phase last year where I was obsessed with borscht, and this recipe was my absolute favourite. Although it does use dairy, you can substitute the whipping cream with coconut milk and skip the butter.



3. Roasted Red Kuri Coconut Curry Soup by Skinnytaste

My mom bought a kuri squash at a garlic festival once, and this is what we found when we looked up what we could make with it. Kuri squashes have a sweet taste making this soup sweet and spicy, delicious!



4. Balsamic Mustard Chicken by Everyday Paleo

Another recipe that is ridiculously easy, and tastes amazing. I love it because it really spruces up chicken breasts, which I find to be one of the most boring types of meat. It also works great with chicken thighs.


5. Spaghetti Squash Casserole by My Heart Beets

This is a really cool idea for a grain-free casserole! I cooked it for my mom and she liked it even though she doesn’t like spaghetti squash. A little grated cheese on top never hurts either!



6. Heart on Fire by Mark’s Daily Apple

I can always rely on Mark’s Daily Apple when I am trying to figure out how to cook organ meat. Lately I have become more adventurous and am starting to cook more different types of organ meat. I used this recipe the first time I cooked heart and it came out great!



7. Chicken Liver Pate by Marks Daily Apple

This is a great first-time recipe when trying to incorporate more organ meat into your diet. Chicken liver is much milder tasting than beef liver. This would be a great dip to go with the plantain cracker recipe below!



8. Cauliflower Pizza Crust by Sia’s Cooking Blog

I love this because it is a nut-free alternative to paleo pizza crusts that use almond flour. I never would have thought to use cauliflower. It isn’t exactly crispy like a real pizza crust would be, but it definitely gets the job done. I’m not a huge fan of cauliflower, so I take any opportunity to sneak it in as a win!


9. Paleo Carrot Cake by Primal Palate

My friend baked this recipe into cupcakes once and it was amazing. I later baked this cake for my birthday with similar excellent results. Most of my family (who aren’t paleo) ate it and agreed that it was great. Methuen seal of approval on this one!



10. Sweet Potato Pancakes by Whole Food Simply

I love how simple this recipe is. Who doesn’t like pancakes?



11. Paleo Mayo by Everyday Paleo

This recipe makes great paleo veggie dip. You can add your favourite spices to customize it to your liking, I like onion powder and dill. Just make sure you use light tasting olive oil and not extra virgin or else you might end up with something that tastes funky.



Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Recipes


12. Nightshade-free Lamb Curry  by The Paleo Mom

I think some of the spices in this recipe may not be AIP, but you can always leave those out. I love the taste of lamb curry, it just goes so well together!



13. Turkey and Vegetable Soup by Canada Girl Eats Paleo

A simple soup recipe that is AIP if you eliminate a few of the spices.



14. Banana Zucchini Bread by The Saffron Girl

I was surprised with how well this loaf held itself together considering it doesn’t contain eggs. It tastes great too, and I love that it is only sweetened with bananas, very wholesome!



15. Plantain Crackers by The Paleo Mom

I just tried this recipe for the first time a few weeks ago and I love it! The crackers are super crunchy, which surprised me. I didn’t really know what to expect when I started making it, but was pleasantly surprised!



16. Plantain Wraps by Simple and Merry

A really creative way to make a grain-free wrap! Tasty and nutritious.


17. Coconut Raspberry Cheesecake by Mickey Trescott

My mom made this for my birthday last year and it was awesome. The raspberry overpowers the coconut taste so even people who aren’t a fan of coconut can enjoy this one. Plus, look at how beautiful it is!



18. Coconut Apple Cranberry Crisp by Gutsy by Nature

This is a godsend of a recipe while doing strict AIP. I love it!



19. Maple Shortbread Cookies by The Clothes Make the Girl

Another great recipe when you are dying for treats on AIP. I was really surprised with how these turned out considering they are almost entirely made of coconut. They are a bit crumbly but not as much as you would expect, and they taste really good!



20. Cookie Cake by Purely Twins

This is a pretty neat recipe because it features plantain to give it that chewy cookie texture. If you aren’t doing chocolate on AIP you could leave out the chocolate chips or swap them for raisins.



Thanks for stopping by; I hope you are inspired to cook some new recipes tonight!


Which one is your favorite?





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