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photo by tatters on flickr. license: attribution-sharealike

This post is brought to you by my brother, Jordan. He is always doing all kinds of experiments with his food so I thought I would share his papaya smoothie invention. He described this smoothie as similar to Orange Julius, but better. Give it a try and see what you think!




I think it is great he found a use for the seeds that would have otherwise gone in the garbage! Also as it turned out papaya seeds have some pretty serious health benefits. They contain a high concentration of enzymes such as papain which is not only good for digestion but can also help eliminate parasites and their eggs. They also have antibacterial properties, and can even help liver cirrhosis! Keep in mind that you don’t needs to go overboard on them and eat them every day, a little goes a long way with these guys. Read about more health benefits here.


However, papaya seeds are not something you should be consuming while following an autoimmune protocol or any other nut/seed free diet though. As many health benefits as they have they also have some gut irritating properties (as with any seed or nut). If you are following an AIP diet you can still enjoy this recipe by eliminating the seeds, everything else is AIP compliant.







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