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This is a quick update on my progress with the autoimmune protocol. I started following AIP in December of 2013, and I’m happy to say my first month went extremely well. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin already!

I can tell that my skin is a lot less inflamed now and starting to heal. I am really surprised; I thought I would have to be on this diet for months before I started seeing positive results. I am a little skeptical that something else (discussed below) is factoring into this that is working in combination with AIP to produce the results I am seeing, but either way I am pretty happy about it!


I plan to wait until my skin has fully healed before I start reintroducing foods, but I definitely have my suspicions of who the main culprits are.


Suspected trigger #1: Tomatoes

Sometimes its the foods you never suspect. I used to add tomatoes to literally everything, but I also noticed when I made things that were concentrated in tomatoes such as a soup I definitely didn’t feel 100% digestive-wise after eating it. At the time I didn’t make a connection because I didn’t realize that tomato can be a problematic food, but now I know!


Suspected trigger #2: Nuts

Oh, how I love nuts. Ever since adopting a healthier lifestyle I have been obsessed with nuts (peanuts too, which are a legume). I’ve been making raw cashew cakes, almond butter cookies, and lots of other rich delicious treats. Sometimes I tried to cut back but I would still eat a handful or two of nuts a day. I literally couldn’t keep myself away from them. That was probably a sign right there, and (like tomatoes) I never felt 100% digestive-wise after I ate them. Since eliminating them from my diet, I feel great.


Suspected lifestyle factors

When I started AIP, I also stopped using soap (even natural) on my face, and I was very careful to not touch my face at all with my hands. I also only washed my face once a day with water only. This is known as the caveman regimen, and you can read about it more here. It seems simple, but I think it had a pretty big impact because I was a chronic face washer/toucher!


Those are my main suspects. After eating paleo for the last year it was really interesting to see what a huge difference eliminating a few extra things can make!





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