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There are times when you realize that you have taken your health interest to a whole new level. Here are some signs that you might be a health nerd!



1. You love coconut in every form

Coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut butter, coconut flour, coconut chips.. This dairy alternative is just so versatile! Unless you have a coconut allergy you are bound to love it!

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2. You read the ingredients on Everything before you buy it

I probably spend twice as long in a grocery store as most people because I am diligently reading the ingredients lists on all the products. Reading ingredients is the best way to steer clear of hidden sugar, wheat, corn, soy, and any other ingredient you wish to avoid.


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3. The government issued food pyramid upsets you

Anyone interested in holistic nutrition or the paleo lifestyle knows that the food pyramid has some pretty questionable aspects. Grains and legumes should not be the bulk of your diet, and fats and oils shouldn’t be grouped in with the junk food!

4. Fermentation Excites You

If you think traditional eating and/or the Weston A Price foundation is awesome, you probably just can’t help but get excited about fermentation. Fermentation increases the bio availability of nutrients in the vegetables and adds probiotics as well! And lets face it, kombucha is delicious.

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5. You cringe when you hear anti-fat statements

Such as “you don’t want to much fat in your diet” or when people group saturated fats and trans fats into the same category (saturated fats are healthy and most trans fats are man made and cause heart disease). The low-fat fad of the 90’s is long over but many people aren’t up to date enough to know that fat is now considered part of a healthy diet. Lets try our best to positively spread the knowledge!

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6. You question how organic some products labelled ‘organic’ really are

Organic produce can still be sprayed with certain pesticides and herbicides. An organic item from your local farmers market is generally more organic (less chemical residue) than grocery store organic produce because it hasn’t travelled as far to reach you. It is pretty obvious to see the difference between an organic apple from Safeway and an organic apple from your local orchard. Grocery produce often sits around for a much longer amount of time before reaching you which affects the nutrient content.

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7. You try not to sigh when someone tells you they are counting their calories

While having some kind of idea of calorie content of food is useful, counting every calorie is not actually healthy and can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress. Counting calories is also misleading as it promotes the use of low-calorie fake foods such as diet pop and low fat products. The best way to lose weight is to teach yourself to only eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full, and eat real food! For more ways to loose weight naturally (without calorie counting), check out my weight loss advice.

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8. You make Everything Yourself

Making your own natural care products such as soaps, deodorants, moisturizers, and toothpastes is a great way to cut out a lot of extra chemicals from your lifestyle. If you are interested in making your own personal care products or are looking to more natural store bought alternatives, check out my natural personal care articles!

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9. You value organ meat and bones

Organ meat is rich in nutrients that are not found in conventional cuts of meat; they are like meat multivitamins! Liver is high in vitamin A which helps strengthen teeth and the immune system. Bone broth is also a very nutrient dense food and can help heal leaky gut and other digestive problems. If you would like to learn more about the health benefits to organ meat and how to include them in your diets, check out this article!

10. People often ask you for health advice


People ask me all the time about health, which is good! I love answering health questions and discussing nutrition. If your family and friends often asking you about nutrition, you might be a health nerd too!

BONUS: 11. You hope to (or already do) live on a hobby farm

I would absolutely love to live on a hobby farm. I want to be able to grow my own food and raise my own meat. I would also love to own horses! And maybe an llama, because they are awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Signs You Are a Health Nerd”

  1. I agree with everything, and I'd add bone broth to the above, except the calories thing. I lost 10+ lbs on Paleo/keto (mostly water), but then it stopped working, until I cut down calories. For me specifically, paleo/fat alone doesn't do the job to lose weight, I have to eat less than 1200 calories for that to work. I've done numerous Paleo-related experiments (I'm very experienced with Paleo), and that's the take-away every time for me: eat enough calories to just feel ok, stay fat.

    1. Yeah bone broth is awesome! I agree that sometimes calorie restriction is necessary but 1200 calories a day is pretty minimal. I am not a doctor but that could be a sign of hypothyroidism or other hormonal imbalance that is making your body more prone to weight gain. Too much cardio or other high intensity exercise can also raise your cortisol levels and make it harder to lose weight. Or, you might already just be at the ideal weight for your body composition, which also makes it pretty hard to break the plateau and keep losing weight.

      Calorie counting can definitely be helpful for some people who need to be more aware of what they are eating, but I don't believe its an essential weight loss tool. Counting carbohydrates can be a bit more useful though. People often don't realize how high-carb their favorite foods are and too much carbohydrates is usually one of the culprits with difficulty losing weight.

      But also, everyone is different, so if you have found something that you like and is really working for you, then I say stick with it.

      It's nice to see another paleo person on here, thanks for the comment 🙂


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