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Respect for your food makes a huge difference in the way you eat it. Think about it. If you are eating a food that is not only cheap, but readily available, and always exactly the same: are you going to value it as much?



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There are different foods that are in season at different times of the year, and your diet should reflect this. Buying in season foods is a great way to learn how to have more respect for your food. Squash definitely seems more exciting when its only available in the fall! Different parts of the world will have different fruits and vegetables in season at different times of the year, so I recommend you find a guide for your area. Here is a guide for Canada, and one for the US organized by state.

The same goes for meat. If you actually raised a chicken, slaughtered it, plucked it, washed it, butchered it, and then cooked it and ate it you would respect your food a lot more. Would you kill a chicken just to eat its breasts and throw the rest of it away? Of course not. Not to mention the fact that you actually saw the animal in its living state, a reminder that the food on your plate was once alive; that’s a pretty big reason to respect it.

Quality should always be prioritized over quantity. If you can’t afford huge amounts of organic food; eat less. I am not saying anybody should starve themselves, but acknowledge that skipping a meal once in a while isn’t going to kill you. People seem fixated on the idea that you have to eat 3 solid meals per day, every day. This is simply not true. Your body can actually survive on a lot less food. Eating in excess is just another way we disrespect our food.


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Show respect by eating in season, organic, high quality foods. Show respect for the animals that gave their lives so you could eat by only buying humanely treated, organic, pastured/grass-fed meat. Show respect by eating in moderation, not being wasteful, and most importantly of all; being willing to spend your money for higher quality food. But don’t forget to show respect for other peoples choices while doing this.

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