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photo by andrew kalat in flickr. license: attribution-noderivs

Trying new things is an important part of healthy living. Sometimes you have no idea how much you like something until you give it an honest chance, and I’m not just talking about food. As a child I was a very picky eater and also didn’t really like to go out and do things. Now that I am an adult I have started trying a lot of new things and I was surprised to find that most of them were really enjoyable. So, here is a list of some of my more recent discoveries!


photo by robert bejil in flickr. license: attribution.

1. Hot Yoga

I used to hate being too hot. I would avoid exercising if it was too hot because I didn’t like the feeling of being sweaty, but over the years of living in apartments without AC in the summer I learned to cope. Then a while ago my friend asked me if I would try hot yoga with her. I have to admit that the thought of doing yoga in a 38 degree Celsius room did not sound appealing to me, but I decided to try it anyway because I have always liked yoga. I ended up loving it! Hot yoga is now my favourite type of yoga. It’s a bit more intense than other kinds of yoga, but you feel amazing when you are finished. I have never felt more calm and relaxed than after finishing a hot yoga class. In the winter when its all cold and you are having a hard time getting motivated, drive your butt to a hot yoga class! It is now my favourite winter activity.


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2. Curry

This is a food I never ate growing up. I had a fear that I might have some kind of allergy to something in curry and I would always avoid eating it when it was offered to me because of this. I had anxiety issues when I was younger so it made me fearful to try new foods and other unknown things. But I kept hearing about how beneficial all those curry spices (like turmeric) are for your health, and my one friend told me how it was her favourite food ever. So I decided that I was going to give curry a chance! I went and bought the spices and cooked up a recipe, and it was delicious and I felt totally fine afterwards. I now enjoy curry on a regular basis, and it is also one of my favorite foods. So glad I gave it a chance!




photo by tony donnelly on flickr. license: attribution-sharealike

3. Every form of coconut on the planet

I used to never eat coconut, but while I was doing a candida cleanse I picked up using coconut milk in my tea (which turned out to be pretty delicious). The candida cleanse also recommended I eat coconut oil, so I bought some of that too and started eating spoons of it! I also started eating coconut chips as a snack and using shredded coconut in baking. I soon after discovered coconut butter as well. The first time I tried coconut water I thought it was gross, but I gave it another try a few months later and suddenly I liked it. It really depends on the brand to me. Lastly, occasionally I will also buy whole coconuts and eat the meat from those which is kind of fun because you get to drink the water too. So, as it turns out, coconut is also now a new found love of mine.



photo by barbara hanson on flickr. license: attribution.

4. Cruciferous vegetables

I used to have a strong aversion to Brussels sprouts because of the way they smelled. But once you get past how terrible they smell, they are pretty delicious (especially when cooked with bacon). A friend of mine cooked me a Brussels sprout and bacon dish when I was at her house for dinner, which was the first time I have ever eaten Brussels sprouts, and they were amazing! I also started trying to incorporate kale into my diet after I heard how good it is for your health, and then I discovered the amazingness that is kale chips! I also began using cauliflower more often as a rice substitute. There are so many possibilities with cruciferous vegetables!



Me as Quistis Trepe from FFVIII, photo credit KL Media

5. Cosplay

Cosplay is a hobby of making and/or wearing costumes. I used to think cosplay was weird. Then my partner invited me to go to a comic convention so I decided that I would go just to see what its like, and I had the best time ever! I have gone every year since then. I love seeing all the costumes people have worked so hard on, and its also a great way to meet new and interesting people. I have been cosplaying and attending conventions since 2011.


6. Borscht

As a kid I refused to ever try borscht because I thought it looked like vomit. Well, this is yet another friendly reminder to not judge a book by its cover, because I finally tried borscht for the first time last year, and it was absolutely delicious. I love borscht. So many years wasted!

These are just a few things I am really glad that I decided to try. Being open to trying new things is really a personal decision, but it really opens up a lot of awesome possibilities! Another thing that goes hand-in-hand with this is being open to new ideas. But the hard part about being open to new ideas is that you have to accept that you don’t know everything. You might think that sounds pretty easy, but its surprisingly hard for some people.

So don’t knock it till you try it, unless its meth, then you probably shouldn’t try it (I’ve been watching too much breaking bad).

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What are some things you are glad you tried?





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